All About Orthodontia

Teeth comprise one of the most important part of our personality and each one us wants to have the perfect set of teeth that shine bright. But unfortunately, not each one of us is blessed with perfect teeth and even if we are, some of us have a deep desire to enhance our smiles and this is where the science of orthodontia proves helpful. Orthodontia is actually that branch of dentistry which deals with abnormalities of teeth and jaw in particular. There are some people who have problems with regards to the shape and size of their teeth and there are few others who have wide spaces between their teeth and in order to correct these deformities, orthodontists resolve to use orthodontic treatment that involves use of certain devices such as braces etc.
Orthodontic treatments are usually undertaken for the following purposes:

  • For straightening deformed teeth
  • For correcting problems relating to a person’s bite
  • In order to ensure correct alignment of teeth with the lips
  • In order to close unnatural gaps that exist within the teeth

It has often been seen that orthodontic treatment is more common among children as compared to adults because the American Association of Orthodontists believe that correct and timely evaluation of orthodontic problem helps in saving lots of time and resources of an individual. This is the reason why most orthodontists and dentists recommend people going in for regular teeth evaluation at specific intervals because orthodontic symptoms can be seen in a person from younger years such as 6-7 years. If the dentist suspects any misalignment in the teeth, he will certainly recommend the patient to the orthodontist. Orthodontists are actually a type of dentists that are trained to diagnose and treat misaligned teeth and malocclusion.

Malocclusion is a term given to various types of teeth related problems such as crooked teeth, under bites or overbites that actually lead to tooth decay, cavities and gum diseases apart from interfering with one’s digestion system. Orthodontia is that branch of dentistry that corrects and treats all symptoms of malocclusion and a person diagnosed with such symptoms is often recommended to undergo interceptive treatment therapy. Such therapies have two phases- the very first phase begins when the patient is actually a child and has primary teeth. The treatment comprises of placing orthodontic appliances in the teeth in order to prevent or help correct deformed jawbone. The second phase can be regarded as the normal orthodontic treatment where braces are placed in a person’s permanent teeth. The braces help in straightening and aligning the deformed or unaligned teeth.
This type of two-phase interceptive treatment is performed on children who have been diagnosed with early signs of teeth deformity. However there are many possibilities that teeth related problems start showing up in later in life or one can start feeling under-confident because of not-so-perfect teeth and jaw. Under such circumstances, adults too can undergo normal orthodontia treatment that involves just the phase 2 of interceptive treatment. So it is very much possible to get back your self-esteem and possess a great smile by undergoing orthodontic treatment.