Travel On A Budget – Cairo, Egypt

If you’re enjoying these travel on a budget posts I keep making, then let me know.
I might just turn this into a regular series of posts.

Ok without further ado, let’s get into traveling to Egypt, the broke edition 😀

1 – Plan your trip during the off-peak season

Namely anytime other than the winter months of November-February. This is when most people in cold winter countries plan their trips to escape the frozen Winterland of their own country. Choosing the right time is key in saving money as you could literally shave off up to 1/3rd of the flight cost by avoiding the peak season.

2 – Take advantage of the currency exchange rate

On average, most travelers to Egypt can have a great time exploring and eating spending no more than 400 Egyptian Pounds a day, which works out to roughly $25 per day. Of that $25, if you spend $6-$7 on the food you can eat to your heart’s content every day. For foreigners, the price of eating high-quality (and quantity) is so low you won’t ever have to worry about being hungry.

Also, if you’re planning on staying in hotels then you’re also in luck. For about $25 you can stay in the best hotels in Cairo for a couple of days, which is unheard of where I’m from. $25 wouldn’t get me a room in a rundown motel in my area, so staying at the Marriot for a few days for only $25 is a sweeeeet deal.

3- Learn to haggle

Unlike most western countries, you can haggle about the price of anything in Egypt. Literally anything!

If you really want to save money, then you’re going to have to become a cutthroat haggler, and don’t feel bad because everyone jacks up the price when they see foreigners. In fact, even if you’re not a foreigner they’ll jack up the price on you. It’s pretty much a regular part of doing business in Egypt, you must haggle.

Some vendors will take offense if you don’t try to haggle back and forth with them, it’s very strange but at the same time they’ll treat you to tea and snacks as you guys shop and figure out a reasonable price.

Don’t be shy! If they tell you something costs 100 Egyptian Pounds, then you can offer them anywhere from 10-20 pounds. The rule of thumb is cut 60-80% off the stated price and start haggling from there.

4 – Only take the white taxis

The white taxies tend to be the ones with a functioning meter making it very difficult for the driver to rip you off on the cost of the trip.

Always ask if the meter is working before the trip!
If you’re forced to ride one with a broken meter then agree on the destination and price before getting in the cab.…

Travel Hacks For The Broke

So you are broke, huh?
Wondering how on earth you’re ever going to afford a trip this year?

Not to worry this article is for you.

1- Travel during off-peak season

Different countries have different peak seasons when travelers will swarm a destination like a plague of locusts. Do your research and find out what the peak seasons are for your potential destinations and plan to travel around those periods to save the most money.

2- Travel to countries with a favorable exchange rate

One of the best things about traveling to countries with weaker economies is that you get to take advantage of your own currency’s strength. For example, if you can get yourself a cheap flight to say to Egypt or Mexico, you will be living and eating like royalty in those countries.

A $100 in one of those countries would keep you very well-fed for a week and still have money left over for sightseeing and tourist attractions. Obviously, I would recommend having more than $100 to spend a week, but you can be extremely comfortable on a budget in countries with a weaker currency.

In some cases, you can even get by spending $5-$10 a day and experience so much.

3- Talk to other travelers

This is probably the most overlooked tip for all travelers. Ask around and seek people who have been to the destinations you are considering to get a better idea of what you’re getting yourself into.

Often times, people who have been to your chosen destination before can help guide you by suggesting affordable places to stay as well as activities to try out. The best part about doing it this way is you learn from other’s mistakes and avoid wasting money on trial and error.

So do yourself a favor ask around on forums like reddit and travel blogs online.

4- Travel on Tuesdays??

Yea, this one was a surprise to me but apparently historical data seems to suggest that traveling on Tuesdays is always the best decision for your wallet!

Who would’ve thunk it..

5 – Use public transport

In the age of convenience, not many have the patience to wait around to get somewhere. Most people would call a cab or an uber to get around a country, but if your budget is tight then you should consider public transport to help save some money.

While I do admit, Uber can be very cost-effective in some countries, it’s not always the most budget-friendly option, so definitely consider the public transportation and you never know what you’ll discover riding the bus like the locals.

6- Final Tip – Do Your Research!

You should definitely do thorough research before picking a destination. Sometimes certain destinations make more sense during a certain season, due to the cost of the flight alone. If you save a tonne of money on the flight then obviously that leaves more of your budget to actually play with on vacation.

You may have to be flexible and come up with a list of your favorite destinations and compare them to figure which one best fits your schedule and budget for that particular time.

If you’re doing an all-inclusive resort type of vacation then you don’t have to worry about much, but if you’re not….make sure you triple-check your accommodations and have backup plans in place incase something doesn’t go as planned. You don’t want to be homeless in a foreign country!!…